Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Caramel Pudding

Yesterday, my colleagues and i suddenly feeling excited to do caramel pudding. So, three of us decided to do this project. When i saw the recipe, something came from my mind... tau foo fah(bean curd), steam egg and yacks...! Why should so many eggs are used in pudding?

Here is the recipe:
3 eggs
2 egg yolk
1 can evaporated milk(400ml)
4 tbs sugar
2 tsp vanilla essence
5 tbs sugar
2 tbs water

For the caramel, cook the sugar in low heat until brown then add in the water and pour into the pudding mold.
i use gula melaka instead of sugar.

1. First, beat the eggs and sugar.
what i do is just beat the egg. This shows that i dun like to follow instructions. :P
2. Heat the milk. Mix in vanilla essence.
3. Then put into the oven and bake or steam using a steamer(i use rice cooker to steam).
4. Set cool and keep it in the fridge for few hours until chilled then it is ready to be served.

After all those hustle and bustle...
This is the caramel pudding that i have done which really looks like crap. Isn't it looks like steam egg? When i tried this shit, i learn a lesson. We must follow what the recipe ask us to do. But one of my colleague loves it very much. Weird. May be her taste bud goes hair wire today.
I think if i scramble it a bit and put some syrup then it will be tau fo fah. Feel like wanna modify this crap into steam egg but it is already sweet. May be it is my new invention of sweet steam egg. Yuakssss!!
And this is what i like. It is made by one of us. Just nice. Not too sweet and no eggy felling.
This is the result of my another team mate. The texture is nice and bouncy. The only disappointment is that this is too sweeeet.
Both of them baked it. I am the only one choose to steam as i'm lacking of resources. This is the culprit that lead me to failure. May try this again one day. One day when i have an oven.

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