Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lepaking in Mid-Valley

This weekend, i was lazing around do nothing at home, weather was soooo hot outside. Then i decided to go Mid Valley lepak. It was lucky me, i got a nice parking spot.
In conjunction of the movie, Alice in The Wonderland, the concourse are decorated with big big mushrooms and flowers.

It's difficult to take photos as the crowd are large. After that i had lunch at Spaghetti Farm. I had chicken bolognese. It was not what i've expected, i think the prego sauces are more flavorful than this.

After that, went to Starbucks and spend most of the day there and here are some shots while i am lepak-ing there.

a nice red ferrari parked at the valet parking area

nice watches that I spotted in mid-valley

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