Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lovely Moments in Pasta Zanmai

Last week, my friends and i decided to try out the newly open restaurant in Mid Valley, Pasta Zanmai. It has a nice environment to dine in. The food there are delicious as they are the combination of Italian and Japanese food. I had the hotate aka scallop with potato(forgotten the name in the menu) for my main course.

Hotate, prawns, mushroom, potatoes in creamy white sauce. Aren't they tempting?

Seafood pasta in cream sauce. Slurrrp! nice... This is recommended if you adore white sauce for pasta. There are generous amount of seafood and Shitake mushrooms in this bowl of pasta.

This is soft shell crab pasta which is one of my favorite too. i love crab. This dish is accompanied with a bowl of black sesame seed which is to be sprinkled on top of the pasta.
Seafood soup pasta.
This soupy dish is suitable for one that love soup. The soup is sweet and fragrant.
Hotate pizza
and now it's pizza time... cheers~

Cold green tea is serve in a jar whereas the hot one will be with this hot mama.

Mix fruit ice-cream crepe
Lastly, we had tiramisu and ice-cream for dessert. The tiramisu is no fusion. It's a real tiramisu this time but the ice-cream is not one of my liking as it is too sweet.

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